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Amen & Beyond

Where pain, care, sacrifice & solidarity meet through performances, music, rituals & beyond

Vooruit invited two curators for AMEN & BEYOND: Barbara Raes from Beyond the Spoken (a workshop for unacknowledged loss)  and Colin H. Van Eeckhout, the voice of post-metal band Amenra.

Together they will put together a programme based on the rituals at the foundation of their respective work: death, sacrifice, the parting of ways, care and pain. Both deal with these issues in their own unique ways. Their visions are complementary, reflecting each other’s artistic work. While Amenra performs for large audiences, initiating what could be called collective rituals, in the practice of Beyond the Spoken everything is focused on the inner world of the individual.

In AMEN & BEYOND the two curators have organised a fascinating mix of music and performance for the main programme, interwoven with plenty of context and reflection. For example, there’s the ‘Beyond Care’ retreat in the Menas cloister (Maria Aalter), an inspiring day on healing through art, a literary programme on mourning veils, aftercare provided by the city drawing artists and a ritual brunch with inspiring nourishment for body and mind.

The two curators also sought to initiate a project for the city of Ghent. In this project they will bring together their languages of collective care and individual grief in one big burning ritual. We invite you to join us for AMEN & BEYOND and discover the beauty in the darkness!

Meet the curators

Do you wanna know more about Colin H. Van Eeckhout, Barbara Raes and their collaboration AMEN & BEYOND? You can read/see here everything about them and the project. 

From Thurday 16 till Sunday 26.05