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  • Thu 12.09
    19:30 - 22:15
    Music Club Wintercircus, Gent
    Miriam Makebaplein 2
  • Fri 13.09
    19:30 - 02:00
    + free afterparty
    Music Club Wintercircus, Gent
    Miriam Makebaplein 2

We all know STUFF. by now as the Belgian five-piece instrumental live band that undoubtedly takes you on a groovy ride. Their eclectic sounds flows between hip-hop, avant-garde, jazz, funk and electro, guided by masterful Lander Gyselinck on drums.

The five-piece is now on its third album, T(h)reats, which has been met with acclaim at home and abroad. Some tracks are based on compositions, others are adaptations of improvisation sessions: 

After hours of talking, philosophizing and fantasizing about what the new approach to the album might be, nothing concrete emerged. Then we just started making music to see where we would end up, as we always have. As a result, in this time and with this group of people, this is what came of it. - STUFF.

The musicians try to break open the boundaries between genres to create a unique sound and style. Writing for Jazz Standard, Tina Edward said If an energy drink could make music, it would sound like STUFF., a description that moves past genre definitions and focuses on the sound. Love and interest in electronic music, combined with improvisation, are the common threads throughout the compositions. This is perhaps the best live act in the Benelux today. 

For those who just can't get enough, we got you! This year we welcome the live band no less than 2x in a row at Music Club Winter Circus, on Thursday 12 and Friday 13 April.