Netsky, Used, Andromedik, Murdock & Synoxis

De 41 uur van Studio Brussel
VIERNULVIER, Democrazy & Studio Brussel
  • Sat 27.04
    Sun 28.04
    From 23:30
    De Vooruit - Concertzaal

Netsky. What's left to say...? That he's been at the top of his genre for almost 15 years and that he's in America more often than in his own country these days, that's the thing about talent. For the Belgian drum-'n-bass party at Studio Brussels' 41 Hours, he will gladly come off again. Moving with you? With pleasure!


Two years ago, he closed Rampage and DJ Fresh had him covering his classic 'Gold Dust': Used is well liked in the scene. Especially as he excels on his own tracks, from the sensitive 'You Say' to festival anthem 'Mistakes'. And oh yes, don't be alarmed if Acid jumps on stage during his set.  


In the first weeks of this year, Andromedik was allowed to announce two things: a tour of Australia and New Zealand, and his own stage at Tomorrowland. If that still doesn't convince you that this guy is becoming big very fast, you should urgently check him out at a festival or listen to his remix for Lost Frequencies.  


For young Belgian Synoxis, 2023 was a year to remember. She played at Full Circle, broke down Rampage Open Air and made her debut at Ghent's night temple Kompass. Her strength is that she can do anything: a snort of liquid to get going, then bring more and more energy and finish with euphoric neurofunk until your dancing legs are barely hanging on.  


The man, the myth, the Murdock: is a Belgian drum 'n' bass party complete without him? The driving force behind Rampage, the worldwide high mass of the genre, once again shows the whole scene on his latest record 'X-Ray' how to be catchy and make the floor rumble at the same time.

Moving with you? Met plezier!