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VIDEODROOM: 'The Space Between' (Katharina Smets / Ingrid Leonard / Inne Eysermans)

‘SZUM (noise)’
Vooruit & Film Fest Gent
14.10 19:00 - 19:50
  • Wed 14.10
    19:00 - 19:50
    Past event

An audiovisual ode to artistic freedom 

This year we’re kicking off VIDEODROOM with the iconic Polish Radio Experimental Studio. PRES was a little island of artistic freedom in the turbulent years of the 60s, 70s and 80s in Poland. Inspired by this creative freedom, art collective The Space Between rolled up their sleeves to redo the experiments pioneered by the PRES. The result is ‘SZUM (noise)’, a transmedia performance with futuristic synthesiser creations.

PRES was one of the few studios in Eastern Europe with an expansive electronica music component. What’s more, the studio had its own dedicated technician to carry out all manner of electroacoustic experiments. From 1957 PRES created work for films, animation and radio, until their freedom became more limited in the 80s and the studio slowly wound down. In ‘SZUM (noise)’, The Space Between breathes new life into PRES.

The Space Between is the collective of radio producer and sound artist Katharina Smets, photographer and video artist Ingrid Leonard and sound artist Inne Eysermans (Amatorski). In 2019 the trio was invited to Vooruit to present the personal ‘Land’. Acquaint yourself with Katharina, Ingrid and Inne by checking out this edition of Let’s Take A Break, recorded at the time of their last performance at Vooruit.


Wed 14.10 - 19:00 Balzaal (doors)
MUSIC / electronica / experimental / film
€5 / 18 (combiticket ‘Solaris’ / ‘SZUM’ op 14.10)
20 min.


organisation: Vooruit Arts Centre  in collaboration with Film Fest Gent


19:00 deuren
19:30 'The Space Between' (Katharina Smets / Ingrid Leonard / Inne Eysermans) - ‘SZUM (noise)’ 
19:50 end