© Rudy Carlier

Collectief Elan(d)

'Loving is Allowed' (première)
18.12 - 20.12

Exploring the boundaries between theatre, dance & visual arts

Collectief Elan(d) is the playful collective of Katrijn De Cooman, Chloé Geers and Jitse Huysmans. All former Vooruit residents, the trio explores the boundaries between theatre, dance and visual arts. For ‘Loving is Allowed’ they work together with Fonkel, the organisation that throws the craziest parties without ever bothering the neighbours, thanks to the ‘silent disco’ concept.

In ‘Loving is Allowed’, music and theatre flow together. Collectief Elan(d) researches social dynamics and mutual relations between the participants. This visual performance invites you to a physical experience during which you’ll shift between collectivism and individualism. How do you perceive your fellow dancing humans? Do you have a ‘wait and see’ attitude, or do you take the initiative? You’ll find out in this theatrical dance party.

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wed 18 & thu 19.12 - 20:00 

€10 / 10 / 10 / 8

in collaboration with LOD muziektheater

in English

This show is standing


CONCEPT & PERFORMANCE Katrijn De Cooman, Chloé Geers, & Jitse Huysmans - COACH Tom Rummens TECHNIEK Jannes Dierynck - PRODUCTION LOD Muziektheater - COPRODUCTION Arts Centre Vooruit Vooruit - WITH THE SUPPORT OF the Flemish Government & the City of Ghent - IN COLLABORATION with Fonkel Silent Disco - SPECIAL THANKS TO Het Huis Utrecht, CC Brugge, Laika, Haider Lateef Al-Khafaji, Erik Pelicaen & all the collaborating audience during the open repetitions - © Rudy Carlier