Kurt Van der Elst

Katharina Smets, Ingrid Leonard & Inne Eysermans / The space between

15.03 - 16.03

Documentary piece about distorted memories 

A hundred photos in which the same young woman poses in a white summer dress or bathing suit. She sits in a tree or looks out over the lake, sometimes smiling at the boy behind the camera. She seems carefree, even though her small Polish town is in the hands of German occupiers.

Together with these photos, radio producer Katharina Smets inherited an unresolved story about her grandmother dating back to the summer of 1941. If she wants to understand the whole story, she will have to hurry, because her grandmother’s recollections are becoming increasingly hazy. Was one of the photographers a German? Was he sent to the guillotine? Was there some link with the resistance?

Photographer/video artist Ingrid Leonard and sound artist Inne Eysermans (Amatorski) travelled with Smets to the places where the photos were taken. In ‘Fotograf’ (working title), they weave this personal story into new documentary material from the Poland of today.

When present and past collide 

Part of

"It’s striking how similar to her I look. Again my grandmother and I looked at at the photos. Again I asked her to tell the story. Again the story seemed to change. How the two young men took photos. How they posed. How the boys suddenly disappeared. It felt like a secret, between just us two." - Katharina Smets 


a performance by: Ingrid Leonard, Inne Eysermans & Katharina Smets - coaching: Josse De Pauw - technique: Diederik Suykens - support: Klein Verzet - co-production: LOD muziektheater

in English & Dutch