Amanda Pina - 'Frontera Border' (c) Dajana Lothert



VIERNULVIER is going full-steam ahead, powered by our new name and a sizzling new programme: as VIERNULVIER we’ve lined up a season of powerful performances, cool concerts, dazzling dance productions, fantastic festivals and nightlife entertainment, daring debates and countless other events. 
Taking place at De Vooruit as well as other venues.

New name, new plans. 
We’re diving head-first into innovation, experimentation and discovery. We’re adding new kinds of content to our programme with the addition of circus arts, spoken word and food. We’re also going all-in on music productions with the launch of our very own label (VIERNULVIER Records).

Over the coming years, as VIERNULVIER, we’ll be supporting our new house artists Damaged Goods/Meg Stuart & Jozef Wouters, laGeste, Mette Ingvartsen, Alexander Vantournhout, Joshua Serafin & Laura Nsengiyumva

In short: nothing for everyone, something for everybody.

Our stage performances this fall showcase the work of our residents, but also international performers like Marco Torrice and Festival d'Avignon revelation François Chaignaud, and companies like Rosas. Opera Gent presents three performances and resident Mette Ingvartsen presents her choreography on commercialized sexuality in Leietheater Deinze.

From October 12 to 22, it's time again for VIDEODROOM, our unique collaboration with Film Fest Ghent. We promise an exciting fusion of film, live music and performance. 

We are also proud to announce a brand new festival: in WTF...! (inter)national artists from all disciplines - dance, theater, performance, music, video and text - will help us as well as themselves discover what, where, when and why we think who we are - as individuals, as creatives, as organizations, as a society. Expect more questions than answers!

Pay what you can

We’re introducing the ‘pay what you can’ principle for most of these shows: you choose how much to
pay for your ticket based on three different rates. Can you afford a higher ticket price? That way, you
can make sure that others can pay less.By doing this we seek to make our performances accessible to
everyone. VIERNULVIER is looking forward to welcoming and surprising you all.