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Kunstencentrum VIERNULVIER & corona

In general

From 18 february, 2022, we will follow the latest government safety measures with regard to COVID-19. The corona barometer has now switched from code orange to code yellow. This means that most of the measures in our venues and our VIERNULVIER Café will be dropped. Here is a list of them:

  • You no longer need a Covid Safe Ticket.
  • Wearing a mouth mask is no longer mandatory.
  • In the Café there is no longer a limit to the number of people per table. 
  • Voo?uit permanently monitors the CO2 concentration in all halls, both through its building management system and through public meters. This allows us to intervene as soon as the CO2 values reach the limit values.

How exactly will that impact on your visit to De Vooruit? To sum it up briefly: 

  • Do you feel ill or are you showing any symptoms? Have you been in contact with someone who is ill? If the answer to either question is ‘yes’, please stay at home.
  • If you belong to a high-risk group, discuss with your doctor what is safe for you.
  • Please cough or sneeze into your elbow.
  • Disinfecting your hands using the dispensers is no longer mandatory, but it is still strongly recommended.
  • We continue to keep our various spaces well-ventilated.

If you have any questions for us, feel free to speak to a member of our event staff. And please remember to stay safe for your own sake and that of those around you.

Gewijzigde events / Affected shows

Hieronder vind je een overzicht van alle gewijzigde events door de coronamaatregelen. We brengen ticketkopers per mail op de hoogte, met alle next steps. Voor meer info: geef gerust een seintje via info@viernulvier.gent. Bij #tegast-producties vermelden we de contactgegevens van de organisator.

Nieuwe datum / New date

  • di 03.05.2022 - DEMOCRAZY: EEFJE DE VISSER
  • vr 06.05.2022 - LIVE COMEDY: WILLIAM BOEVA
  • za 07.05.2022 - DEMOCRAZY: FRANK BOEIJEN
  • vr 13.05.2022 - DEMOCRAZY: ABSYNTHE MINDED (info: contact@democrazy.be)
  • wo 18.05.2022 - DEMOCRAZY: PANDA DUB
  • vr 20.05.2022 - GREENHOUSE TALENT: DE KREUNERS (info: ticketing@greenhousetalent.be)
  • wo 18.05.2022 - DEMOCRAZY: PANDA DUB
  • vr 03.06.2022 - ANDY STOTT
  • vr 10.06.2022 - DEBBEL PRODUCTIONS: RAYMOND 70
  • do 08 t.e.m. za 10.12.2022 - FESTIVAL VAN DE GELIJKHEID (info: info@curieus.be
  • do 08.12.2022 - FESTIVAL VAN DE GELIJKHEID: BRIHANG (info: info@curieus.be)