Eric Thielemans

Eric Thielemans (1969) is an Antwerp Jazz Studio alumnus and followed music lessons with Billy Hart. A passionate experimenter on drums and percussion, Thielemans is a member of a whole host of groups and ensembles, from dance and improvisation to Indonesian music. Thielemans isn’t a fan of the label ‘jazz drummer’. He played with Mâäk’s Spirit and the Ben Sluijs Quartet, is active as a member of the Jozef Dumoulin trio and his own ensemble EARR.

More than ever, Thielemans is focusing his attention on solo projects such as the much-lauded performance ‘A Snare is a Bell’. Thielemans investigates and maps out the qualities and properties of the phenomenon of ‘neutral space’, places that are perfectly empty and quiet. What is already present before you create, realise or exhibit work as an artist?

© Wim Lots

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