Women and children first

Exercises in awareness

Exercises in awareness 

Women and children first. In other words, women and children have to be saved first. Is this a privilege? What do we think about that today? Do certain groups still have privileges, and are they entitled to them at all? We are all equal according to our constitution, so can you invoke privileges? Or do all rules apply to everybody, full stop? We know the law, but what is equitable?

Vooruit invites you to engage in the discussion, debate, experience, look and listen during the inaugural edition of the Women and Children First festival. We will be addressing privileges, acquired rights and (fair) care in the broad meaning of the term and from different angles – through discussions, workshops, dance, (lunch) performances, and much more. This very diverse programme intends to make the invisible visible and discussible. 

Vooruit is running a new common thread through the entire operation and programming of the house with Women and Children First. We are going further than the podiums of our Theatre, Ballroom and the bar of our Café. As an art institution, Vooruit is a place for thinking and working together, where the society of tomorrow is being conceived, discussed and made. We do that with artists and the public, with our staff and with all those who find it interesting and want to take part.

Exercises in awareness -- where practice makes art. Come right in. Welcome to our and your house and home!

Tue 29.01 - Sat 03.02