The Goodiepal Equation Movie

Vooruit / Kraak / KASKcinema present

The Goodiepal Equation movie + Pekka Airaksinen (live)
Eastern Daze V
22.11 20:00 - 23:00
  • Thu 22.11
    20:00 - 23:00
    KASK Cinema (Godshuizenlaan 4, 9000 Gent)
    Past event

Meet Goodiepal, the man for the new millennium!

The Goodiepal Equation Movie

“The longer and further a message travels over space and time, the more value it adds to its content.”

The Goodiepal Equation documentary film reveals a small part of Goodiepal’s personality and mystery, portraying Goodiepal himself as an essential part of his theories, a loyal friend, fillantop and hacker. His unconventional way of living and making art appears as the main thread of this filmic adventure setting off an unpredictable journey and a truthful collage of Goodiepal’s bright imagination, genuine altruism and empathy.

Pekka Airaksinen (Live)

Pekka Airaksinen is a visionary figure in the Finnish avant-garde music landscape, best known as the founding member of The Sperm, a legendary experimental ensemble from the 1960's, a precursor of what could be called noise underground of the decades to come.

In his later solo music work, Airaksinen traded punk attitude and heavily theatrical performance for way calmer and less exposed music appearance. With his 1984's album Buddhas Of Golden Light, he started the composing journey as a dedication to each of 999 buddhas in Buddhism mythology, with around 100 tracks down to the present date.

Airaksinen's music universe is an intense and highly eclectic clash of the Eastern Mysticism, a computer drum precision and rhythmic jazz figures. Over time, his layered noise, early space synth and minimal electronica, as a particular trivia music, have conversed with meditative loops and ambient drone, developing into an enchanting polyphony and a trembling body of sound. In short, a exclusive and rare concert by a true legend and genius.

Pekka Airaksinen


Thu 22.11 - 20:00 KASKcinema (Godshuizenlaan 4, 9000 Gent)

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