Music For Palestine

Myrddin, Naima Joris, Loverman, Aili, Tsar B, Asa Moto, One Man Party
  • Fri 28.06
    18:00 - 00:00
    De Vooruit - Concertzaal

18:00 Deuren
18:30 Myrddin (20')
19:00 Naima Joris (30')
19:30 Myrddin (20')
20:00 Loverman (30')
21:00 Aili (30')
22:00 Tsar B (30')
22:30 Asa Moto (DJ set)
00:00 Einde

During changeovers on stage, One Man Party plays in the room. 

Imre De Cauter of the improvisation duo “Matterhorn Well” was deeply moved by a video by percussionist Fares M. Anbar showing Palestinian children singing in a refugee camp in the Gaza Strip. Imre asked Fares for permission to use the audio for an upcoming single release, determined to give something back. This led to the organization of a benefit concert i.c.w. VIERNULVIER and an impressive array of artists: Myrddin, Naima Joris & Vitja Pauwels, Loverman, Aili, Tsar B, Asa Moto (DJ set) and One Man Party.

Proceeds from the evening will be distributed to two organizations active in Gaza:

The fundraiser 'Music for Palestine' is organised by Imre De Cauter and friends in collaboration with VIERNULVIER.

The boy who sings so beautifully is called Mohammed Aqel. He lost both his parents and brothers in a bombing... Fares is the percussionist in the video.  - Imre De Cauter

Artwork Benoit Vangeel