Kim Gordon

support: Jeugdbrand
  • Fri 31.05
    19:30 - 22:30
    De Vooruit - Concertzaal

19:30 - Doors
20:15 - Jeugdbrand
21:15 - Kim Gordon
22:30 - end (estimated)

Former Sonic Youth icon introduces second solo album

Since co-founding the groundbreaking Sonic Youth in the early 1980s, Kim Gordon has been moving at the intersection of music, art, literature and film. She debuted at No. 1 on the NYTimes Bestseller List with her 2015 memoir "Girl In A Band," acted under the direction of Gus Van Sant in 2018's "Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far On Foot," released music with Bill Nace as Body/Head, and opened multiple solo exhibitions at internationally renowned museums.

Kim Gordon's debut album No Home Record was released in 2019 and received critical acclaim (and became Pitchfork's 'Best New Music'. As of March 8, 'The Collective', her second solo record, is out via Matador Records. Positive reviews are also pouring in for The Collective.



Jeugdbrand is the voice (Dennis Tyfus) and the beat (Jeroen Stevens) of Antwerp. They perform a sparkling drama, a theatrical tragedy, marinated in a classic Antwerp anarchic sense of humor. Jeugdbrand recordings and performances often feel like spliced excerpts. Strange sentences and funny remarks waiver by and interconnect. Musical symbols are casually thrown on the table. Instead of a clear picture, we now have the feeling of looking at a bunch of different doodles. We are simply thrown from emotion to emotion. From laughter to tears. It’s a bumpy ride. 
I’d like to imagine that Dennis constantly notates all the shards of conversation he picks up during his regular walks in the centre of Antwerp - a wormhole congested with characters, the one more tragic than the other. In a kind of R. Murray Schafer way, Dennis takes in every sentence very un-arbitrary... and that’s the soundscape. Dramatic, normal, boasted, silly, urgent…