Maria Lucia Cruz Correia and Gabriela Carneiro da Cunha

'Encounters of water'
01.03 - 11.03
De Vooruit
Past event

We first met during a time when we could not breathe together. 
That means we have never met in person. In flesh. Eye to eye. 
It was just yesterday and yet it seems so long ago. 
We met through David in different parts of the world 
who experienced our artistic rituals to listen to nature
and brought our waters in motion

Since 2020 we have been trying to work together. 
To mix the waters across continents. 
To share its presence with you. 
But it hasn't been easy to cross the sea - the biggest water of all. 
We will need your bodies while our own bodies can not yet be at the same space time. 

During the festival "Women and Children first", we, Maria Lucia and Gabriela, invite you to listen to Gent's water testimony and make them an “altar”,  to awaken their “presence” and express in your own way: "We see you. We listen to you. We remember you". 

At VIERNULVIER, there is a “river altar '', where you can bring your water, your story, your secret to help creating this altar to listen to the waters of Gent.
We will mix our waters together and we wrote you a letter.

Maria Lucia and Gabriela