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Album performance 'to the stars'

Tsar B is the musical alter ego of musician, producer and composer Justine Bourgeus. In her early career, Bourgeus stole the spotlight as a violinist in several indie bands, including School Is Cool. In her solo project Tsar B, she reconciles electronic pop productions with her love of classical music. 

Over the past five years, Bourgeus has reaped the rewards of her international breakthrough, receiving praise from leading media outlets such as Billboard, NME and The Fader. Her music effortlessly bridges multiple disciplines, including film, dance and fashion. In the wake of her debut "The Games I Played" (2018) and ep "Unpaintable" (2020), collaborations with the likes of Alexander Chung, Oscar and the Wolf and Nova Twins followed. Last year, she brought to life one of Salvador Dalí's legendary cookbooks in the stunning concert film "Les Diners de Gala". Meanwhile, Bourgeus is in high demand as a film composer and producer for emerging artists. 

For Justine Bourgeus, the new Tsar B album "to the stars", released March 17, represents a disconnection from the past, a complete surrender to the new adventure.

"I feel like I lived in a kind of bubble until I was 24, that I didn't see my full potential one hundred percent. I was a happy being, but wasn't in the right place yet. I'm leaving that feeling on 'to the stars' and hope to explore new spaces now."

Songs like "don't wanna lose nobody" and "gonna hold you into my arms" combine the physical clout of dance with the emotional charge of classical music. Grand spectacle gets healthy resistance from lighthearted humor: 'Auwtch' is a heartbreak anthem, but with a subtle wink.

If one emotion reigns supreme on "To the Stars," it's pure unmitigated passion. "When you think of Jimi Hendrix, you immediately envision the images of him setting his guitar on fire. I toyed with the idea of doing something like that too. I don't think he was angry then, but in love." This feeling is reflected in the video for "Underwater" and in the mysterious album cover.


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