Ivana Muller

Women And Children First
07.03 14:00
De Vooruit - Open Atelier (groot)
Past event

In the ‘Notes’ Ivana Müller proposes a frame for a collaborative process of reading and writing that started in the context of ‘Breaking the Spell’ programme and that resulted in a collectively annotated book which will continue to travel from one reader to another for the next 10 years. A project that is inspired by 19th century practice of Marginalia, Notes performs as a poetic gesture in which a group of readers/annotators write notes in the margin of same book sharing this body of literature/knowledge/theory as a matrix and a space for different reflections, creating new possible narratives and associations with the book as a starting point.

The Breaking the Spell - Gent version of Notes is annotated in the winter 2022/2023 by: Alicja Czyczel, Mike Dittrich Frydetzki, Agata Maszkiewicz, Damla Ekin Tokel. They have together chosen the book by Andrea Long Chu ‘Females’. The book is transformed into a body of exchange and an archive of a long collaborative reading
and the writing process. The four readers create a hybrid manuscript that will be exhibited in VIERNULVIER.

Funded by the Institut Français the French ministry of culture / DGCA