© Rudy Carlier

Fanny Vandesande & Anna Dujardin

‘TWOTFAM (The works of the flesh are manifest)’
07.04 - 08.04
  • Fri 07.04
    met inleiding en voeltoer om 18:30
    met audiodescriptie*
    Studio laGeste (Bijlokesite)
  • Sat 08.04
    met inleiding en voeltoer om 18:30
    met audiodescriptie & tolk VGT*
    Studio laGeste (Bijlokesite)

* De inleiding met voeltoer om 18:30 is voor iedereen toegankelijk. Bij de inleiding is ook live audiodescriptie (en op zaterdag een tolk VGT) mogelijk.  Maak je graag gebruik van de audiodescriptie of tolk VGT? Geef dan een seintje via tine@viernulvier.gent

Anna D. plays (with) herself in a room where the door must be left open

In a society that suppresses her sexual desires, Anna D. (Anna Dujardin) makes the stage her sanctuary. She caresses, transforms, disarms, claims space and lays bare.

TWOTFAM’ – ‘The Works of the Flesh Are Manifest’ – is about creating intimacy on stage and the power relations involved in doing so. Anna Dujardin’s diary entries, illustrations and poetry all are set in motion before an audience.

‘TWOTFAM’ is an invitation to honour your erotic self from a place of interconnectedness. It is a carnal celebration of word and movement as an antidote to humiliation and ‘invisibilisation’. It’s a fun time that’s not all about climaxing, because ‘it’s my party and I cry or come if I want to’.

Anna and collaborator Fanny Vandesande met through the inclusive dance company Platform-K, which creates professional productions starring dancers both with and without disabilities. As performers and makers, they have in common not only their shared love of movement, but also their fascination in research topics such as sexuality, eroticism and intimacy. In fact, this was the starting point for ‘TWOTFAM’.

‘TWOTFAM’ is a relaxed performance. With our ‘relaxed performances’, we aim to ensure everyone is at ease, especially those who may find standard theatre conventions difficult: people with learning disabilities or motor disorders, autism, neurological conditions, and people with Tourette’s, among others. And so this performance will take place in a caring and relaxed environment with a more easy-going atmosphere. Any vocalisations, gestures and movements from the audience during the show are received with kindness. A chill-out zone is also provided for audience members who need a break.

The performance on 07.04 will be followed by an open post-show discussion together with Anna and Fanny, moderated by artist, art historian and activist Josefien Cornette


concept & text: Fanny Vandesande, Anna Dujardin & Bo Alfaro Decreton - performance: Anna Dujardin - voice-over: Niamh Smizmar Ní Chuilinn - choreography, scenography & costumes: Fanny Vandesande & Anna Dujardin - direction & production: Fanny Vandesande - sound design: Ruben Nachtergaele - music: Kobe Boon - light design: Helmut Van den Meersschaut - dramaturgy, direction assitance & surtitles: Bo Alfaro Decreton - stage management: Inés Maes - co-production: KAAP & KUNSTENCENTRUM VIERNULVIER - Partners: STAD GENT & PLATFORM-K, WORKSPACEBRUSSELS - thanks to: LaGeste, Aditivzw