Kurt Van der Elst

Lieselot De Wilde / LOD

02.05 - 03.05
  • Tue 02.05
    LOD Studio
    Past event
  • Wed 03.05
    LOD Studio
    Past event

Musical self-portrait from the pertinent question: 'Life? Or theater?

In "Figurine," soprano and theater maker Lieselot De Wilde juxtaposes the musical morality play "Ordo
Virtutum' by mystic Hildegard Von Bingen as a blueprint opposite her musical self-portrait. It forms the basis for a story about losing, searching and finding. Jewish-German painter Charlotte Salomon's question - 'Life? Or theater? - inspires a sketch in which you can simultaneously see the portrait of a woman, a self-portrait, a portrait of an artist and of a human being.

Lieselot De Wilde won the Flemish culture prize Ultima in both 2021 and 2022 in the 'Music' category.


general direction, direction, composition, script and performance: Lieselot De Wilde - theater dramaturgy & co-direction: Sasha Milavic Davies - scenography: Mirella Weingarten - sound engineer and sound design: Brecht Beuselinck - musical dramaturgy: Katherina Lindekens - external ear and coaching music: Frederik Neyrinck, Laurens Marien & Ben Frost - costume: ntb - lighting design: ntb - lighting technology: Jannes Dierynck - film and camera: Dimitri Sterkens & Dries Vanderaerden - production management: Veerle Vervoort - production: Perpodium - co-production: De Wilderness vzw, Concertgebouw Brugge & LOD muziektheater

as part of 10x10, a collaboration between LODmuziektheater & kunstencentrum VIERNULVIER

part of ALL ARIAS music theater biennial 2023