Charlie Neuwald

Ne Mosquito Pas

Ne Mosquito Pas
VIERNULVIER & De Koer present:
28.04 20:00
De Koer, Gent
De Koer (Meibloemstraat 86, Gent)

Second-hand versions of performances

Ne mosquito pas’ is an evening of short solo performances. Performing artists share and perform failed scenes, failed ideas and not-so-good jokes.

Failure takes various forms in ‘Ne mosquito pas’, from ripping your trousers while doing the splits, to dreaming of a successful European dance career, or the challenge of acquiring a work visa. The various solo performances attest to the reality both behind the scenes and in the limelight: we see the vulnerability of the performer on stage, or how difficult it can sometimes be to master a scene during rehearsals. 

This aspect of ‘failure’ is the creative fuel for ‘Ne mosquito pas’. Rather than avoiding them, the bad ideas and obstacles are now seen as an invitation to question artistic preconceptions and standards: who decides what failure is and what it isn’t? What kind of guilt typifies the ‘guilty pleasure’? What happens when we say ‘screw it’ to social norms? 

Or in the words of British icon Quentin Crisp: “If at first you don’t succeed, failure may be your style.”


Research: Simon Van Schuylenbergh, Nathan Ooms, Anna Franziska Jäger Participating - artiesten: Micha Goldberg, Sophia Rodriguez, Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, Chiara Monteverde, Pierre Patrice Kasses, Stef Meul, Sophie Melis, Alina Arshi, Anne-Charlotte Bisoux, Bjorn Floréal, Luis Ramirez Muñoz, Sophia Bauer, Nona Buhrs, Nathan Ooms, Marivi Gazeta, Anna Franziska Jäger, Castélie Yalombo, Ivan Lucadamo, Giulia Piana, Simon Van Schuylenbergh, Hanako Hayakawa, Simon Baetens, Willem De Wolf, Sofia Danae Vorvila, Musia Mwankumi, Jacopo Buccino, Dahlia Pessemiers, Jonathan Franz, Désirée 0100, Loucka Elie Fiagan, Dolores Hulan, Natacha Nicora, Rosie Sommers, Elke Van Campenhout, Philippe Beloul, Sarah Bekambo, Charlotte Nagel, Victor Dumont, Yasmi Youb, Désirée Cerocien, Lydia Mcglinchey, Milka Kongi, Eli steffen, Ariadna Rubio, Xenia Perek (en meer) - lichtontwerp: Max Adams, Setting: Veronika Bez & friends, Bart Van Schuylenbergh - flyer: Maya Strobbe - website: Stijn Van Renterghem, Deveny Faruque, Maya Strobbe - productional support: Volksroom Brussels in collaboration with Kunstenwerkplaats -  extra support:  de t h e a t e r m a k e r, CAMPO, wpzimmer, Buda, Artist Commons, GC De Platoo, decoratelier, deSingel, Cultureghem, Atelier210, Het Bos, La Balsamine, VIERNULVIER, De Koer, VGC Kunsten & Vlaamse overheid