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The Jaguar Talks

with Amanda Piña, Juan Carlos Palma, Joachim Ben Yakoub, Nicole Haitzinger, Maria Lucia Cruz Correia, Juan José Katira Ramirez & Laura Cull
22.10 11:00 - 19:00
  • Sat 22.10
    11:00 - 19:00
    Inclusief lunch
    KASK Zwarte Zaal
    Past event

In this series of lectures we learn about the understanding of the body and the subject present in many native cultures across the Americas and its implications for the concept of identity, with a particular focus on the relationship between humans, animals and beings other-than-human. A Wixarika Mara’akame, political leader and ritual singer, a dancer, an anthropologist, a dance theorist, a decolonial scholar and a animal philosopher, share ideas about the notion of “sacred land”, the decolonization of the senses, about indigenous contemporaneity and ritual art, about animals, humans and plants and other forms of understanding those relationships.

We invited the speakers of the symposium to think of their contributions starting from a provocation: “The current environmental, social and political crisis will not be solved by western but by indigenous thought.” Speakers and contributors are Amanda Piña, Els Lagrou, Nicole Haitzinger, Laura Cull, Juan José Katira Ramirez, Joachim Ben Yakoub, and Maria Lucia Cruz Correia. The conversation will be moderated by Kopano Maroga


11 AM - 1 AM / PART I 

  • Welcome by Frederik Le Roy (KASK & Conservatorium) and Marieke De Munck (VIERNULVIER)
  • Host Kopano Maroga goes into a conversation with artist Amanda Piña about 'The School of the Jaguar'
  • Presentation by Juan José Katira Ramirez on Wixáritari practices
  • Els Lagrou and Johannes Neurath in conversation with Amanda Piña 

1 PM / lunch break (soup&bread foreseen) 

2 PM - 3.30 PM / PART II 

  • Presentation Juan by Carlos Palma - “Evoking a multinatural body. Transcorporeality and animality in indigenous dances of Mexico”
  • Presentation by Laura Cull - “Performance Philosophy & Animals: Towards a Radical Equality”
  • Followed by a conversation with the guests, moderated by our host Kopano Maroga

15 min coffee break

4 PM - 5.30 PM / PART III 

  • Presentation by Nicole Haitzinger - “Cybershamanism and the figure of the animal”
  • “A confession by an academic”, by Joachim Ben Yakoub
  • Followed by a conversation with the guests, moderated by our host Kopano Maroga

5.30 PM / short break 

6 PM - 7:30 PM / PART IV

  • workshop by Amanda Piña & Juan José Katira Ramirez 

8 PM >> performance 'The Jaguar and the Snake'