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Lydia Mcglinchey

22.11 - 23.11
  • Tue 22.11
    21:30 - 22:40
    Past event
  • Wed 23.11
    20:00 - 21:10
    Past event

Transforming landscapes

FERAL’ is a series of four contrasting stage-landscapes designed by the dancers themselves. The stage changes from a void, to a dump, to a synthetic desert and finally a horizon. The performers transform from screaming, deviant figures to lifeless, hollowed-out surfaces. Lydia McGlinchey developed different textiles for the scenography, with a particular eye for texture and different volumes and perspectives.

This work invites the audience to observe the transformation of each landscape. During the process of creating this piece, a lot of thought went into how repetition and the presentation of bodies and places can affect the relationship with the individual and a group. This is why there are depictions of corrupt, filthy, excessive, toxic, monstrous, ruined, broken landscapes as well as glamorous landscapes. The work is called ‘FERAL’ for a reason.

It shows the potential of theatre to create an experience of suspension as opposed to instruction.


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Artistic direction, scenography, and performer: Lydia McGlinchey - performers: Nathan Ooms, Keren Kraizer, Mario Barrantes Espinoza - scenographic assistance & advice: Elena Vloeberghen - music: Iris o0ryxss (Iris Joana Therasse Nicaisse) - light design: Jan Maertens - costume: Jessica Matheson - production: KWP Kunstenwerkplaats - co-production: VIERNULVIER &BUDA - special thanks to: Stefa Govaart, Volmir Cordeiro & Jessica Matheson.