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granvat & Quan Bui Ngoc

Come on Feet
VIERNULVIER en Ha Concerts
24.05 20:00 - 21:00
  • Wed 24.05
    20:00 - 21:00

Urban club culture meets underground dance culture

Bert and Stijn Cools are the brothers behind production house granvat, and it’s their love of electronic dance music that led to the show ‘Come On Feet’. They’re fascinated by how this genre and its sub-genres are performed live on stage. 

Footwork is one such sub-genre: a style of music and dance that developed as part of Chicago’s street culture and is now known across the globe. Footwork is typically set to uptempo rhythms and performed in dance battles. ‘Come On Feet’ features footwork, house and Afrodance, all set to live club music. 

"Artiesten én publiek gaan in een gecoördineerde urgentie op in een gevoel van enthousiasme. De muzikanten spelen voor de dansers en het publiek begint spontaan mee te dansen."

London JazzNews


Concept: granvat - choreography: Quan Bui Ngoc - dancers: Samantha Mavinga (BE/CD), Boule Mpanya (BE/CD), David Kinkela (BE/CD), Joffrey Anane (BE/GH), Alex the Cage (BE), Raquel Suarez Duenas (BE/ES) - music: Bert Cools & Stijn Cools - vocals: Boule Mpanya - design sound: Nick Symons - design light: Nico De Rooij - film: Robin De Cock - management: Rockoco - company: granvat - co-production: KAAP, STUK, deSingel - with the support of: Sabam for Culture - contact & distribution: Frans Brood Productions