Matthieu Bareyre

Marion Siefert

02.02 20:00
Past event

Teenage girl discovers herself through digital alter ego

Sixteen-year-old Jeanne (played by Helena de Laurens) has been a target of ridicule for several months. The reason: her virginity. Her response is to pluck up all her courage and set up the Instagram account @_jeanne_dark_. Her timid tone soon makes way for bold outpourings. Watched by her followers, Jeanne records, experiences and confuses herself. Can the once timid and embarrassed Jeanne finally find strength within herself?

With ‘_jeanne_dark_’ , director Marion Siéfert subtly addresses issues of bullying and sexuality. Using Instagram live – the account @_jeanne_dark_ really exists – Siéfert creates a striking work that breaks the fourth wall.

“To see urgently”

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