Jens Sethzman

Mette Ingvartsen

'To come (extended)'
VIERNULVIER & Leietheater:
21.01 20:00 - 22:00
  • Sat 21.01
    20:00 - 22:00
    Leietheater Deinze

What is the influence of commercialised sexuality?

Through advertising, films and the web, we are constantly bombarded with images of sexualised bodies. Every form of intimacy is eroticised and commercialised, and consequently influences our behaviour. ‘to come (extended)’ examines this blurred boundary between private and public space, and – by extension – our sexual identity.

In a sensual choreography, we see fifteen performers – dressed in tight, blue bodysuits that reduce their bodies to abstract shapes – rhythmically pulsating. They dissect the dynamics of an orgasm by slowing down completely, only to then increase the rhythm again. ‘to come (extended)’ critically examines the notions of ‘individual sexual freedom’ and the ‘pornification of pleasure’.



‘to come (extended)’ is based on an earlier work for five dancers made by Mette Ingvartsen in

2005. The reason for revisiting this choreography with a larger performing cast lies in

Ingvartsen’s wish to refract the current politics of sex through the joyful tone of the perspectives

of the 2005 piece. Furthermore, ‘to come (extended)’ joins the series of her recent works

(2012-17) – ‘69 positions’, ‘7 pleasures’ and ‘21 pornographies’ – dealing with the conjuncture of

sexual politics, private and public spheres, and experience economy.


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“It is a remarkable tableau vivant. ... a cheerful feel-good performance that addresses the complexity of the social construct of sexuality, without shying away from uncomfortable questions”



In collaboration: Leietheater Deinze - concept & choreography: Mette Ingvartsen - with: Johanna Chemnitz, Katja Dreyer, Bruno Freire, Bambam Frost , Ghyslaine Gau, Elias Girod, Gemma Higginbotham, Dolores Hulan, Jacob Ingram-Dodd , Anni Koskinen, Maia Means, Olivier Muller, Calixto Neto, Danny Neyman, Norbert Pape Understudies: Thomas Bîrzan, Alberto Franceschini, Hanna Hedman, Julia Rubies, Manon Santkin, Clinton Stringer - based on ‘to come (2005)’ - developed and implemented by: Mette Ingvartsen, Naiara Mendioroz Azkarate, Manon Santkin, Jefta van Dinther, Gabor Varga Lichtontwerp: Jens Sethzman Muziek-arrangementen: Adrien Gentizon -based on ‘to come (2005)’  - muisc design: Peter Lenaerts - set design: Mette Ingvartsen & Jens Sethzman - costumes: Jennifer Defays - dramaturgie: Tom Engels