© Pierre Gondard

Andrew Graham

VIERNULVIER, Festival van de Gelijkheid, LaGeste & Opera Ballet Vlaanderen present:
18.12 16:00
Opera Gent

Modern ‘Transformers’!

PARADE’ is a reworking of the surrealist ballet of the same name, created by Cocteau, Picasso, Satie and Massine for the renowned company Ballets Russes. 

The paradox embedded in this historical avant-garde work inspired choreographer Andrew Graham to make this dance classic his own. In a kind of parallel world, the artists of L’Autre Maison create a new communication technology, where the body, in all its sensitivity and diversity, can be seen as an interface.


Herein lies the magic of ‘PARADE’: by bringing together different vulnerabilities, histories and bodies, a joyful blend of unconventional beauty emerges, where differences are what give the collective its strength. Call it a modern-day version of ‘Transformers’!


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Choreography: Andrew Graham - direction: Andrew Graham and Béatrice Pedraza - dramaturgy: Béatrice Pedraza - sound design: Martin Poncet - set and costume design: Mounir Ayache - lighting design: Nicolas Fernandez - choreography and performance:  Elise Argaud, Noé Argaud, Breno Angelo, David Aubert, Agnès Cavin, Maëlle Cavin, Jean Codo, Alia Coisman, Mathilde Hannoun, Ramzya Katuf-Hasan, Inès Kerkeni, Muriel Mifsud, Petronille Poirot-Bourdain, Jérôme Poncet, Greta Sandon, Anne-Gaëlle Thiriot, Coralie Viude - production:  Festival de Marseille et l'Autre Maison - coproduction: Klap-Maison pour la danse - ihkv: BE PART - with the support of: Europe créative de l'Union européenne - with thanks to Cap emploi & Agefiph 

Co-presentation VIERNULVIER & Festival van de Equelijkheid in collaboration with LaGeste & Opera Ballet Vlaanderen