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laGeste & hetpaleis

'promise me'
VIERNULVIER & laGeste present:
22.09 - 23.09

Flirting with danger 

Ode to recklessness in times of absolute safety obsession. No, that’s the wrong word, recklessness. What it is then? Drive, glow. Yes, you need to use your body sparingly, but do you also need to use life sparingly?

from: Ode to my scars, a plea for recklessness - david van reybrouck in ‘de correspondent

A relentlessly physical and fiery show in the sign of bravado, guts but also vitality and revolt.

A celebration of the untamed, the reckless, the brave - in times when most people want to insure themselves, preferably against everything.

A flirt with danger, an ode to unbridled curiosity.

'Promise' me is about letting go of control and taking risks.

About embracing the explosive forces inherent in life.

About scars and the stories they leave on our skin.

However battered we come out of the battle, it’s worthwhile to do something you’ve never done before and never dared to do.

Again, Thomas Devos will be in charge of the live music. Thomas has worked with kabinet k before for 'raw' (2013) and 'horses' (2016). He challenges the dancers to leave their fear behind and throw themselves into the arena with pure lust for life.

“‘Promise me’: ballet of the long-haired and untamed” ****


The cast


choreografie: Joke Laureyns & Kwint Manshoven - compositie en live muziek: Thomas Devos - met: Ido Batash, Ilena Deboeverie, Téa Mahaux, Zélie Mahaux, Kwint Manshoven, Juliette Spildooren en Lili Van Den Bruel - scenografie: Kwint Manshoven & Dirk De Hooghe - dramaturgie: Mieke Versyp & Koen Haagdorens - lichtontwerp: Dirk De Hooghe - geluid: Karel Marynissen - kostuums: Valerie Le Roy - productieleiding: Marieke Cardinaels - communicatie en spreiding: Mieke Versyp - fotografie: Kurt Van Der Elst - productie laGeste (= kabinet k & les ballets C de la B) & hetpaleis - met dank aan: les ballets c de la b - met de steun van: de Vlaamse Gemeenschap, Stad Gent en Tax Shelter van de Belgische Federale Overheid via Casa Kafka

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