Samah Hijawi

Artist Talk
20.05 12:30 - 13:15
  • Fri 20.05
    12:30 - 13:15
    Foyer Theaterzaal
    Past event

Wat is de impact van handel en migratie op voeding? 

We dive deeper into our love and curiosity of food with the artist Samah Hijawi and her project Kitchen. Table. 

During her third residency in Vooruit (May 17 - June 17) Samah will continue her research in the city of Gent, looking at the movement of food and food making through trade and migration. The starting point of this research is a basic food item in the kitchen of Arab Eastern Mediterranean kitchen: Za’atar, a mixture made up of oregano, sesame, sumac, and salt. 

During her residency, Samah will focus on the sweet little sesame seed, from which she will unravel the complex stories of foraging, trading, migration, and the spiritual stories connected to this tiny little seed. Her findings come together in a food map poster that we invite you to take home.

In the end, everything comes together at the dinner table around a meal at the end of her residency where she will make ancient and contemporary recipes inspired by sesame’s many life stories. 

Join us on Friday, May 20 for an artist talk with Samah, and a tiny bite to say hello. 

Book your spot at the dinner table for her performance on 16 and 17 June at 18:30.


vr 20.05 - 12:30-13:15 Foyer Theaterzaal
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