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BE ENGAGE, dagprogramma op het platteland

28.04 10:00 - 18:30
  • Thu 28.04
    10:00 - 18:30
    Past event

On Thursday 28 April, we head to the countryside. Cycle, walk or drive to the ZarlarSwingBoerderie in Zarlardinge. In a centuries-old farmyard, surrounded by meadows, orchards, flowers and an organic garden, time and space will be made available to talk about working together in small sessions. The programme includes meetings, practical exchanges and working sessions by Lotte Van den Berg, Roland Gunst, Marwa Arsanios, Peter Aers & Erika Sprey, Manoeuvre, Rasa Alksnyte and Fiona Hallinan, among others. 


‘Social dreaming’ - Peter Aers & Erika Sprey

“Where did you fall to, and what did you discover” - Senoi saying

‘Social Dreaming’ is the practice of sharing and working with dreams within a social space. In this collective dreamwork, our attention goes to the dreams and not to the dreamer. We focus on the interwoven associations, not on the (individual) interpretation. 

‘Social Dreaming’ was developed by Gordon Lawrence at the Tavistock Institute. This is a working session in preparation of a new work that Peter Aers and Erika Sprey will develop in 2022-2023. In collaboration with Ping Yu, Famke Dhont, Vooruit Arts Centre (Ghent), CARA (Center for Art, Research and Alliances New York), and BUDA (Kortrijk).

‘How to fall back in love with the world when there’s nothing left to love’ - Ewout D’Hoore & Kristine Nutting

Kristine Nutting (CANADA) is generously transmitting her knowledge of deeply transformative rituals. Through this workshop, you will be granted access to magical acts and find your  way back to loving the world and its logic defying habitants.

Lost in the sea of failed symbols, two scientists embark on an investigation into meaning. With no hypothesis, you/they/we are invited to sit/walk/be adrift in this meaningless universe. This is a walk back and toward the ecstasy of boredom—back to failure — the simplest place possible.

There will be blood (because bodies have it) and Champagne. Don’t worry all blood will stay in neatly put in its skin sack.

With love and doubt,

Nutting Kristine (CANADA) and D’Hoore Ewout (BE).

“This is a research trajectory around ´failure and participatory art practices’ in collaboration with vzw Rest for the Wicked where six artist duo’s collaborated for two weeks and will publicly present their research”

‘Ultimology’ - Fiona Hallinan & Chris Rotsaert

Mapping Death: A Tablecloth

Ultimology’ is a proposal for the study of endings as a real and urgent concern; it suggests through looking closely at things that are extinct, endangered, vulnerable or at risk in the present, we might learn new lessons of care and consideration, or at least understand how to better negotiate loss. There is often a slippage when we talk about endings, when we refer to things that are ‘dead or dying’. Death is an unavoidable phenomenon we can, at least, describe as a significant ending. Could its associated traditions, practices and understandings, honed over generations of co-existence, offer insights into how we might manage to look directly at endings? As part of a PhD project at LUCA School of Arts and through a residency at Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Fiona Hallinan is exploring the coming-into-being of Ultimology through gathering knowledge, experiences and lore around the ways different people treat death and dying in different contexts.

These understandings are gathered through small conversation sessions with individuals, who are asked to respond to the question of how death is treated in their community. The findings are accumulated and visualised and mapped through drawings, diagrams and sketches towards the creation of a tablecloth. The mapping is further contextualised through ongoing discussion of material in the On Death reading group.

In conversation sessions, based at manoeuvre atelier, a collective workspace for hands-on textile practices in Rabot, Ghent, interviewee (Hallinan), translator and responder are engaged in a hands-on task of co-creation, in this case embroidery.

For Openbare Werken, Fiona Hallinan and Chris Rotsaert of manoeuvre atelier will bring this tablecloth to Zarlardinge and invite participants there to engage in the process of embroidery while sharing their subjective knowledge of death and dying. Everyone is welcome to join, materials, snacks and a basic introduction to the technique will be provided. The embroidered tablecloth, a work in process, will be one of a set of tools, practices or devices that give life to Ultimology as a concept for learning. This physical mapping of understandings of death will seek to make ways we can look closely and collectively at other endings.

“This is a research trajectory around ´failure and participatory art practices’ in collaboration with vzw Rest for the Wicked where six artist duo’s collaborated for two weeks and will publicly present their research”

Young Board

During OPENBARE WERKEN, our Young Board will discuss the topic ‘public’. Since April 2021, the Young Board has been giving operational, financial and artistic feedback to Kunstencentrum Voo?uit.



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do 28.04 - 10:00 ZarlarSwingBoerderie
PODIUM / performance
Pay what you can - Suggestion €15

Would you like to participate but is the distance a problem? Please let us know at info@vooruit.be. 


Research trajectory around ´failure and participatory art practices’ in collaboration with vzw Rest for the Wicked