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Siem Reap

support Mathieu Serruys
11.02 20:00 - 23:00
  • Fri 11.02
    20:00 - 23:00
    Past event

Soloproject van Oathbreaker-gitarist Gilles Demolder

Siem Reap

Over the past 3 years, Demolder’s been silently working on finding a new sound and a new way of expressing himself. After what seemed like a lifetime of trial and error, throwing away song after song and a lot of endless nights of recording, Siem Reap arose. 

Siem Reap’s debut album ‘Now What?’ is a collection of songs written between 2018 and 2020. Wearing his heart on his sleeve, Gilles sings about manliness, friendship, family and relationships, with substance (ab)use as a common thread running throughout the entire record. 

It’s about loneliness, loving and feeling loved, but most of all ‘Now What?’ is an honest experiment and a gateway into Gilles’ thoughts. Or to put it into his own words: “It might seem like a self-centered idea, but I’ve never written a record that was 100% like the way I imagine myself to be. For example, the video for ‘Honingkuchen’ is about the burden of trying to be happy all the time. It’s exhausting to constantly keep smiling.”

Siem Reap is a resident at Voo?uit from February 8 - February 11. At the end of this residency, the band will play a tryout. Live, Siem Reap will be accompanied by Wim Coppers (Wiegedood), Jasper Hollevoet (Sunflower, Ventilateur) & Filip Brans (Dogpeople). 

Mathieu Serruys was invited by Siem Reap to join them as support.

Support: Mathieu Serruys 

Mathieu Serruys’s work is characterized by cinematic tape loops and eroded synth riffs. Heavily edited field recordings bring micro worlds, made up by dreamy melodies, to the surface. The murmuring chaos of old tape recorders create a stunning emotional beauty.

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vr 11 02 - 20:00 (doors) De Vooruit Balzaal
€15 (add) / € 12 (vvk)

20u30 Mathieu Serruys
21u15 Siem Reap


“Wie denkt dat Siem Reap muzikaal even hard en kakofonisch is als Demolders bands Oathbreaker en Wiegedood, mag zijn verwachtingen laten varen. Bereid je in plaats daarvan voor op toegankelijkere muziek, die echter emotioneel zwaarder is.”

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