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les ballets C de la B, Frank Van Laecke, Alain Platel, Steven Prengels & Voo?uit

'Mein Gent'
GIF: Ghent International Festival
12.01 - 22.01

Premiere of a theatrical, musical tribute to Ghent

With 'Mein Gent', directors Frank Van Laecke and Alain Platel pay tribute to Ghent, the city where they were born and raised. In the premiere of 'Mein Gent', amateurs and professionals perform side by side. The production boasts a stellar core cast – Pascale Platel, Ineke Nijssen and Gorges Ocloo – joined by a hundred-strong group of Ghent locals. 

At the heart of this production are the citizens of Ghent. We get to meet a diversity of Ghentians with all their qualities and specificities. The assembled group of players will take you to the Ghent of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Or, rather, to the life of yesterday, today and tomorrow. ‘Mein Gent' runs the gamut of experience, from whimsical, playful and hilarious to bizarre, touching, sharp and poignant. Above all, this is a heart-warming tale. The show unfolds like an opera – or what its makers have reimagined opera to be for today's audiences.

Frank Van Laecke and Alain Platel have been creating musical theatre performances together for ten years. With each production, they dive into their unique universe to explore the tragedies of life, big and small. For 'Gardenia' (2010), they invited the audience to the last night of a drag show. 'En avant, marche!' followed in 2015, a story about saying farewell to a life dedicated to a brass band. For their third collaboration, 'Mein Gent', they are once again supported by the soundscapes of composer Steven Prengels.

Entry for this requires a Covid Safe Ticket. Check our corona-page for the latest updates.


Wed 12 to Sat 15.01 / wed 19 to Sat 22.01 / wed 26 to Sat 29.01 - 20:00 Theaterzaal
Sun 17, 23 & 30.01 - 15:00 Theaterzaal
PODIUM / theatre / #premiere
€24 / 20
Dutch spoken

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direction: Frank Van Laecke & Alain Platel - composition & musical direction: Steven Prengels - by & with: Pascale Platel, Ineke Nijssen, Gorges Ocloo & a group of Ghentians - assistant direction: Steve De Schepper - production: les ballets C de la B & Arts Centre Voo?uit - with the support of: the City of Ghent, the Flemish government & the Belgian Tax Shelter

in the frame of GIF, a collaboration between Voo?uit, CAMPO, KOPERGIETERY, NTGent, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen & S.M.A.K.