'I’m Not Feeling Super Great About Reality Right Now'
Voo?uit & Film Fest Gent
13.10 - 23.10

Break stuff in the virtual world!

More commonly known for his visceral live performances, US born and Belgian based percussionist, producer and visual artist NAH will present during VIDEODROOM selected paintings, photography, multimedia collages, and audio works alongside a Virtual Reality environment made in collaboration with Ghent based VR firm OISOI.  

Blurring lines between extremely raw physical and technological mediums, NAH seeks to address the confusion, disconnection, anxiety and fear that pervades the modern experience. After dropping by in the past - during VIDEODROOM 2020 and OUT THE FRAME 2018 - this is NAH’s newest chapter at Voo?uit. 

Let's take a break with... NAH!

"Het is spicy, er zit veel in, het smaakt lekker."


Wed 13, Thu 14, Fri 15, Tue 19, Wed 20, Thu 21 & Fri 22.10 - between 19:00 & 23:00 Dansstudio
Sat 16.10 - between 16:00 & 21:00 Dansstudio
MUSIC / installation / exhibition
(20-minute time slots, max. 2 persons per time slot)

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