10x10: Femke Gyselinck

'Letters 2 Dance'
10.05 - 12.05

Choreography meets typography

‘Letters 2 Dance’, the new production by Femke Gyselinck (‘Moving Ballads’, ‘Flamer’), is a choreographic version of ‘Gymnastics of the Mind’, a research project inspired by the book ‘ABECEDA’ from 1926. Gyselinck, together with Sue Yeon Youn and Luka Svajda, investigates the relationship between movement and typography, between dance and typographic imagery. In this way, she develops her own dance alphabet, which is left to you, the viewer, to decipher.

The dancers share the stage with the eclectic musician-composer Liesa Van der Aa. Together they arrange the letters based on musical samples. The result interweaves dancing, speaking and listening. Aslı Çiçek’s scenography further enhances this interplay between the literal and the metaphorical. Lightly coloured, transparent surfaces appear like pages on the stage, with the dancing bodies standing in for the point of the pen.

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Wed 11 till Fri 13.05 - 20:00 Minard 
PODIUM / dance / 10x10
60 min.

"Femke Gyselinck is een choreografe om in de gaten te houden. Haar 'Letters 2 Dance' is ongrijpbaar mooi"

★★★★ - Charlotte De Somviele in De Standaard   


concept & dance: Femke Gyselinck - dance performance: Sue-Yeon Youn & Luka Švajda - composition & execution music: Liesa Van der Aa - scenography: Aslı Çiçek - costumes: Lila John - dramaturgy & coaching: Wannes Gyselinck - technical direction & sound: Brecht Beuselinck - lighting design: Thomas Vermaercke - assistant director: Emma Meerschaert - production: Caravan Production - co-production: C-Mine, KAAP, KC nona, Arts Centre Voo?uit, STUK, Workspacebrussels & Het Laatste Bedrijf - in collaboration with Grip - with the support of: the Flemish government - in co-production with: LOD muziektheater