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10x10: buren

10.06 - 11.06

Can you spend spare time? When is one a big spender? How do you spend spare time? How do you spend your spare time? Do you like to play? Sports? Do you work? Out? Do you go to the gym? I’m pretty sure I saw you there...

In ‘SPARE TIME WORK’ buren musically approaches thoughts and ideas on (reproductive) labour and leisure. In what way is our ‘day and age’ telling us what to be, where to stand and what to do? Who is carrying the dogma, codes, laws and what systems are at work? 

buren - last seen at Voo?uit in 2019 during ‘Elaboratory’ - explores class and growth with the help of characters like Adult Hood and Young, Cleaner, Grown Woman and Office Worker. Drenched in different colour spheres they investigate a variety of power relations, economical desires and social realities. All while being surrounded by the inner and outer voices of (personal) histories and radio, internet and television


Fri 10 & Sat 11.06 - 20:00 Domzaal
PODIUM / performance / 10x10
in English
90 min.

The cast


concept & performance: buren (Oshin Albrecht & Melissa Mabesoone) - light: Eva Dermul & Vera Martins - music & sound: buren & Benne Dousselaere - set design: buren & Kato Six - external eye: Hannah De Meyer & Charlotte Van den Eynde - costumes: Claudine Grinwis Plaat Stultjes - production manager: Famke Dhont - produced by: buren & workspacebrussels - coproduction: PLAYGROUND (STUK & Museum M), workspacebrussels, Art Centre Voo?uit, KAAP, de Brakke Grond, Kaaitheater, BUDA & de T H E A T E R M A K E R - supported by: the Flemish Community, the Flemish Community Commission & the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union in the frame of APAP - in co-production with: LOD muziektheater