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LOD muziektheater / Gorges Ocloo

'Moby Dick, at last Queequeg speaks'
OUR SUMMER @Bijloke Wonderland
25.08 - 28.08

A magical-realistic version of ‘Moby Dick’ - after the boat has sunk

Director Gorges Ocloo (Ghana) has long held a fascination for ‘Moby Dick’. When he saw the picture of an eleven-year-old girl drifting lifeless in the Mediterranean Sea, the pieces of the puzzle fell into place. Did this little girl know about the danger of her journey before boarding the boat that was supposed to guide her to safety? Ocloo similarly wondered whether Queequeg, the young sailor from ‘Moby Dick’, knew the peril captain Ahab would put his crew through.

Ocloo called on Nigerian writer Ben Okri to pen this adaptation of the literary classic. He reworked Melville’s text into a magical-realistic story about the gap between the rich and the poor, between power and impotence. The story is set after the ship has sunk. Ahab and Queequeg exchange their thoughts for the first time. This version of ‘Moby Dick’ is a jazzy opera, swinging and energetic, about the need for better communication in our polarising society.

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Tue 25 till Fri 28.08 - 19:00 Bijloke Wonderland LOD Studio
PODIUM / theatre
in Dutch, Dutch surtitles

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€10 -18 jaar
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concept & direction: Gorges Ocloo - composition: Dominique Pauwels in collaboration with Toon Callier, based on the novel by Herman Melville - adaptation Melville text: Ben Okri - adaptation: Gorges Ocloo & Bart Capelle with Josse De Pauw - soprano: Nobulumko Mngxekeza-Nziramasanga - musical execution: Toon Callier - repetitor: Jan Debel - scenography: Giovani Vanhoenacker - light: Jannes Dierynck - sound: Brecht Beuselinck - costumes: Freya Proost - production manager: Kristel Deweerdt - production: LOD muziektheater - in coproduction with: C-TAKT, deSingel, Arts Centre Voo?uit & CC De Grote Post - with the support: of the Tax Shelter policy of the Belgian federal government - in collaboration with: LOD muziektheater & Africalia