Benjamin Abel & The Unrequired Love

OUR SUMMER @BIjloke Wonderland
28.08 - 29.08

Electronic music combining spectacle and love ritual

Countertenor, performer and opera director Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe and music producer Laurens Mariën have joined forces once again. ‘Spectacles’ is an electronic, performative concert that combines spectacle and a love ritual. Various genres and atmospheres, operatic Dada, blues, punkpop, high vocal notes, dark beats and theatricality all converge into one grand yet intimate spectacle. 

Together with dancer Hanako Hayakawa and writer Louise van den Eede, Benjamin and Laurens hold out hope for another world. A world in which people unite with a backdrop of pop and passion, where spectacles have a primordial, emancipatory power, where multifaceted love is constantly changing costume.

“...A spirit feared by the state is an awake one, awakening spirits, empowering spirits, this spirit can rise, once again, it can appear, like a transfiguring evening glow in whose light the evil day that preceded… it could be forgotten! It could be some futuristic moment yet-to-come! That, that I would like, the nights cleared out, pain transfigured, spectacles affecting us again, touching us again, for real, appearing again, awakening spirits: touch me again!”

Louise van den Eede
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Sat 28 & Sun 29.08 - 20:30 (doors) De Bijloke
MUSIC / pop / performance
€12 (standard)
€10 (discount: -26, disabled, groups of 10 or more, oKo) 
€7  (-18)
€5 (school trip: 10 or more pupils, free entry for chaperone)
€8.4 (UiTPAS with reduced tariff, visitor pays €3.60)

“‘Fake Tattoos’ voelt aan als een passionele avond met een geliefde.”

- Dansende Beren


music: Laurens Mariën & Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe - concept: Benjamin Abel Meirhaeghe, Louise van den Eede & Laurens Mariën - dance: Hanako Hayakawa - dramaturgy: Louise van den Eede - technical lead: Lies van Loock - production manager: Ruth Sarens - styling: Paule Josephe - producing & mixing: Jasper Segers - recording musicians: Lander Gyselinck, Mattias De Craene, David Nuwambi & Jasper Segers - production: Muziektheater Transparant, Ancienne Belgique, Arts Centre Voo?uit, d e t h e a t e r m a k e r,  STUK, DeStudio, Pilar & C-Takt