Igor Cardellini / Tomas Gonzalez

'Golden Age'
Openbare Werken
24.09 - 25.09

Sightseeing in the heartland of capitalism and consumption!

‘Golden Age’  is a project that takes the form of guided performances/tours of banks, offices and shopping malls in the manner of sightseeing strolls through archaeological sites. These places escape our attention on a daily basis and are rarely considered beyond their functional dimension. Starting from the architecture of these specific buildings, the public is invited to walk through the spaces of capital, wage labour and consumption.

By treating the visit as a dramatic object, the artists conduct another investigation: what do we do when we visit a place as a group? As it unfolds, the performance exposes the discipline to be followed to reach that promised, phantasmal and ideological golden age and invites us to a participant observation experience that places us at the centre.

Go for the Openbare Werken-combiticket and choose 3 shows for €30.


Fri 24.09 - 12:00 & 16:45 / Sat 25.09 - 12:00 & 18:00 Shopping mall Gent Zuid
PODIUM / performance / guided tour
€12 / 5 (-18)
in English (with headphones)
70 min.

Go for the Openbare Werken-combiticket and choose 3 shows for €30.


concept: Igor Cardellini & Tomas Gonzalez - performed by: Dominique Gilliot - dramaturgical collaboration: Adina Secrétan - assistant: Pierre-Angelo Zavaglia - production & administration: Sarah Gumy - a production by: K7 Productions & Théâtre de Vidy-Lausanne - production support by: Arts Centre Voo?uit & KANAL-Centre Pompidou & Canton de Vaud, Ville de Lausanne, Loterie romande, Pro Helvetia - Fondation suisse pour la culture, Fondation Nestlé pour l’Art, Fondation Ernst Göhner & Fondation Jan Michalski