Isaiah Lopaz

‘Anthology / Appendix: I Been Tellin Tales I Almost Understand - A Black Queer Storyteller’s Workshop’
13.03 12:00
  • Sat 13.03
    Past event

A writer’s workshop for Black people who identify as Queer

‘I Been Tellin Tales I Almost Understand’ is a space for writers who would write all day if they could. But it’s also a space for writers who do not yet know that they are writers, but have their suspicions and curiosities. Participants will be writing, exchanging, performing and learning from one another. The Black community encourages, nurtures and holds space for diverse Black perspectives and experiences.

This event is open to all people of Black African descent and is a safe space for Black women, Black people who are disability identified, Black people who chart their identities along LGBTQIA PLUS spectrums, Black people in administrative irregularity, Black people who identify as working class, and Black people who practice African Traditional Religions and / or Afro-Diasporic Religions. 

Please register for this workshop by submitting the following: 

  • (a description of) an image that you feel connected to or that you find fascinating,
  • the titles of the last three songs that gave you life,
  • a short text which describes one of your earliest memories. 


Sat 13.03 - 12:00 online
THINK / workshop
free entrance, but registration obligated (you’ll receive a Zoom link via mail)
in English
180 min.



concept: Isaiah Lopaz