Isaiah Lopaz & Oli Elono

‘Anthology / Appendix: Have You Eaten Today? A Communal Kitchen & Dialogue’
12.03 19:00 - 20:30
  • Fri 12.03
    19:00 - 20:30
    Past event

Storytelling for archiving an array of Black Queer experiences

In ‘Anthology / Appendix’, writer and artist Isaiah Lopaz works with storytelling, narrative, and dialogue as a praxis for archiving an array of Black Queer experiences. Conceived during the COVID-19 pandemic, this series - largely centered around text based works - imagines publishing as a process which can be carried out across multiple formats, such as poetic, digital and public happenings.

In ‘Have You Eaten Today?’ - a public happening - chef Oli Elono and Isaiah Lopaz speak of cuisine as care, as a site of historical archives, as a space of poetic resistance. Beginning with a public discussion via Zoom webinar and culminating in a communal but socially distanced dining experience, Oli and Isaiah invite people who identify as Black and Queer. 

Together they consider food as nourishment, the dinner table as a site of activism, and the healing properties contained in food created with passion, joy and love. As a gesture towards mulitsensory archival practice, thirty-five dinners will be made available for Black and Queer people.


Fri 12.03 - 19:00 online
THINK / talk
free entrance, but registration obligated (you’ll receive a Zoom link via mail)
in English
60 min.


“Our food is just as important as our history.”

Troy Lopez


concept: Isaiah Lopaz