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Ilan Manouach & Maria Arnal

‘Tangible Natives’
Women and Children First
07.03 14:30 - 15:30
  • Sat 07.03
    14:30 - 15:30
    Past event

How do you translate music into a tangible text?

During WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST, Ilan Manouach and Maria Arnal will work with participants both with and without a visual impairment. Manouach will accompany them in a search for alternative ways of ‘reading’ music. This diversity of people and approaches will be reflected in a new music score, the shared expression of the participants. On the last day of the festival you can experience – and feel! – the result of this workshop live.

Improvisation and collaboration are unifying themes in the oeuvre of the Greek avant-garde drawing artist and musician Ilan Manouach. In ‘Tangible Natives’ he combines these two artistic practices. Using Shapereader – a system originally designed for people with a visual disability – Manouach translates music into a tangible, tactile text. ‘Tangible Natives’ is an experiment that seeks to break through the hegemony of conventional music notation.


Sat 07.03 - 18:00 & 19:30 Mokabon (presentation)
stage / performance / workshop
free to participate, registration required
language: no problem
15 min. (presentation)

“Throughout all his activities, Manouach remains an energetic, engagé avant-gardist whose work remains unsatisfied with conventional ideas or forms”

World Literature Today


the development of the general artistic, research and educational activities of ‘Tangible Natives’ are part of Ilan Manouach’s residency at the Onassis Lab in Athens as Onassis Digital Fellow - ‘Tangible Natives’ was possible with the support of the Outset Contemporary Art Fund (Greece)