Pleasure Island

hosted by Bebe Books
With Pleasure
12.12 - 14.12

De te ontdekken hotspot-in-het-festival!

Vooruit and Bebe Books are joining forces again for WITH PLEASURE. Bebe Books began as an independent publishing operation but soon grew into an ‘almighty queer-space’. They have since organised concerts, expos, performances and a lot more. After their first event in september in Vooruit, they will host Pleasure Island, the hottest hotspot during WITH PLEASURE.

Erotic collage workshop by Bebe Books

Thu 12 & Fri 13.12 - 19:00 Balzaal / Sat 14.12 - 15:00 Balzaal - workshop

Dive into a pile of top-shelf magazines, get hot and kinky with an overload of sweaty erotic images. Rip, cut or bite them apart, then squeeze some juicy glue over and create your own sexual image. Collage fetishist Ruud Rudy Van Moorleghem of Bebe Books will guide you through the process of being the next porn editor in chief!

Erotic Zine Library curated by Bebe Books

Thu 12 & Fri 13.12 - 19:00 Balzaal / Sat 14.12 - 15:00 Balzaal - literature

Dig deep in Bebe Books’ archive that’s collected in years. Bebe team carefully picked and dusted the sexual ones for the pleasure islanders.

Nasty Crea Sex Club

Sat 14.12 - 20:00 Balzaal – workshop

Ah, the joy of recycling. It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of old metal, rubber, duct tape and some chains. Now you can finally make all the toys your mama wouldn’t let you have. Whips, collars, headdresses, bondage, you name it. And don’t worry if it’s all new to you: the beasts from Boslabs will be happy to help you discover your dark side. Let’s get dirty!

Other Women’s Flowers

Thu 12 & Fri 13.12 - 19:00 Balzaal / Sat 14.12 - 15:00 Balzaal – literature

A collective reading session of the multiple shapes that erotic expression takes. 

Other Women’s Flowers is a book club, but not just any book club: they only read books written by women. Anyone with a book and a nice snack is welcome at these bi-weekly meetings. How does it work? Everyone presents their book to the group and interesting discussions ensue. Other Women’s Flowers explores their anti-capitalist, intersectional and decolonial leanings through their chosen texts. By reading non-male authors they put female writers in the spotlight, with the ultimate goal of encouraging women to let their voices be heard far and wide.

“We tend to think of the erotic as an easy, tantalizing sexual arousal. I speak of the erotic as the deepest life force, a force which moves us toward living in a fundamental way.”

Audre Lorde

Hot Bodies Choir - ‘Hot Bodies Of The Future’

Thu 12 & Fri 13.12 - 19:00 Balzaal / Sat 14.12 - 17:00 Balzaal - performance

‘Hot Bodies Of The Future’ is a performance and visual art research cycle around sexual revolutions and political utopias. During three days you can join the rehearsals and end with a performance to get the Pleasure Party [link] started.

Planète Concrète - Pleasure Island Soundscape 

Thu 12 & Fri 13.12 - 19:00 Balzaal / Sat 14.12 - 15:00 Balzaal - music / performance

Planète Concrète is an open universe staged by strange / loving creatures. Music, performance and visual elements are the main instruments of this pink noise collective.


Thu 12 & Fri 13.12 - 19:00 Balzaal / Sat 14.12 - 15:00 Balzaal - talk / sex toys demonstration

Loveware is a feminist sex shop in Mechelen. They’ll introduce their FUN Factory Home Parties and workshops. But more importantly: they bring lots of toys.

Part of the Pleasure Trip


do 12 t.e.m. za 14.12 - doorlopend Balzaal
workshops / interventies
onderdeel van Pleasure Trip (€10 - je ticket is geldig voor de drie festivaldagen)