Kurt Van der Elst

Kevin Trappeniers

25.09 - 26.09

A wordless investigation of man and technology 

‘Ellipsis’ by performer Kevin Trappeniers feels like pressing pause on life and being briefly suspended in restful state. During this wordless show, which takes place in an almost empty space, Trappeniers invites you to join him in his exploration of man and technology. Elusive phenomena like sound waves, light and electromagnetic radiation play a central role. The Slovenian musician and composer Gasper Piano creates a soundtrack by playing with frequencies, feedback and electronics.

Trappeniers, who previously worked with Abattoir Fermé and Karl Van Welden, is now producing work on the boundary between fine art, theatre and dance. In ‘Ellipsis’ he asks questions like: how is information processed and filtered? Where does that information come from and who selects it? Is it us, or is there an algorithmic middleman? Do we decide on the message we’re sending ourselves, or are we increasingly trusting of electronic flows of information? And can a new civilisation spring forth from this digital womb?

On the secant of visual arts, theatre and dance 


€10 / 8
concept: Kevin Trappeniers - music: Gasper Piano - lights: Laurence Halloy - dramaturgy: Kristof Van Baarle - production: Stray Light vzw - coproduction: Vooruit, & LOD, C-TAKT - in association with Pianofabriek - thanks to: Music Theatre Platform Ghent, C-takt, KAAP, Workspace Brussels - with support of: de Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie & de Vlaamse overheid - picture: Kurt Van der Elst