Voldemārs Johansons

Voldemārs Johansons

23.09 - 29.09

Come eye to eye with the untameable power of nature

What’s it like to feel the enormous power of a violent sea storm raging all around you? Find out during ‘Thirst’ by Latvian artist Voldemārs Johansons. His installation presents an uninterrupted shot of a fierce storm roaring across the Atlantic. You’ll come eye to eye with the untameable power and beauty of nature: the wind will whip around your ears, the water on the screen will all but engulf you.

Johansons takes you into the heart of the storm, closer than you will ever get in real life. But instead of being swallowed up by the ocean, the rain and the wind, you will be able to observe, walk around and take it all in while remaining safe and dry. A hypnotic meditation on life and nature in which wonder wins out over fear.


productie/production: Voldemars Johansons, New Theatre Institute of Latvia - met steun van/with support of: Homo Novus Festival, The Danish Cultural Institute, Nordic Culture Point, State Culture Capital Foundation, MPlab & BBrental

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