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Tamara Cubas

Festival van de Gelijkheid
28.11 - 29.11

An experiment in individualism 

Can a multitude organize themselves to achieve a common goal? How will the individuals within a group interact, move and disagree? Tamara Cubas, who was born in Uruguay under the military dictatorship, raised in Havana and is now an active artist in Montevideo, looks at the question of the heterogenity of the masses, meetings and conflicts between people, between the public and the private, the political and the poetical, on physical contact and the power that resides in everyone’s body.

During the days leading up to the Festival, some seventy people from the local area, of different ages and educational backgrounds, will work with Tamara on the voice, sound, energy and language of the body in order to create a powerful choral choreography, unleashing a group action that, in its multitude, will give impetus to differences.

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Thu 28 & Fri 29.11 - 20:00

SANTO (Peter Benoitlaan 78-80, 9050 Gentbrugge
Parking available in the surrounding streets
Public transport: Tram 2 (stop Schooldreef) + a 10 minute walk

Important: wear warm clothes during the show

€14 / 12 / 10 / 8
language no problem
Podium / dans


choreography Tamara Cubas - light Leticia Skrycky, Sebastian Alies - music Francisco Lapetina, Martin Craciun - production Perro Rabioso - international distribution Julia Asperska / Key Performance

Together with Curieus ihkv FESTIVAL VAN DE GELIJKHEID