Skemer © Matidrome

Colin H. Van Eeckhout (Amenra) invites

Skemer / Fär / Bliss Signal + Afterparty with MATI DROME
Amen & Beyond
18.05 21:00 - 19.05 02:00
  • Sat 18.05
    Sun 19.05
    21:00 - 02:00
    Past event

Dark, atmospheric evening brimming with electronica, ambient, drone, noise & doom

“The future is FÄR”

Pummeling beats, heavy basses and vocals that could make your spine curl.
FÄR’s eclectic blend of future bass, witch house and euro drags the listener into a club where darkness reigns supreme.


An-Sofie De Meyer (vocals) and Tim De Gieter (synths, beats, production) dropped their first demo in 2016 and the band (accompanied live by a drummer) quickly gained notoriety through their relentless live shows.
Their debut album “SALUTE” was received with raving reviews and they continued their growth delivering crushing performances opening for acts such as Amenra, Wiegedood and ABRA just to name a few.

In 2018 FÄR hit the studio to write and record the follow up to their debut.
The 5 track EP “HYPNOSIS” (due for release April 2019) sees the band carve their own space in the electronic music landscape.
Equally hard hitting as it is catchy “HYPNOSIS” is the unsettling mix of An-Sofie laying bare her soul to the beat of Tim’s brooding rave.


Skemer (BE) 

Skemer is a brand-new collaboration between top model and singer Kim Peers (Vogue, Steven Meisel, Prada, Dave Clarke, … ) and guitarist Mathieu Vandekerckhove (Amenra). Two completely different worlds collide in dreamy, noisy new wave. Be the first to discover this promising, new darkwave project live on stage!

Bliss Signal (UK/IRL)

Bliss Signal marks a new collaboration between two established producers from starkly different backgrounds. Jack Adams, aka Mumdance, is known for his dancefloor hybrids which fuse grime tropes with techno, noise, and sound design aesthetics. James Kelly was best known as the founding member of acclaimed black metal group Altar of Plagues, and later went on to release solo experimental electronic as WIFE.

Premiering (at Unsound Festival Krakow) in 2017, Bliss Signal meets at the middle of these producers interests and weaves anthemic black metal riffs into a mist of drone, sub bass, and jungle pads driven by 909 blast beats.

Debut EP is out since August 2018 via True Panther/Secretly Canadian and cd edition via Profound Lore. Full album release September 28th.

“Pummeling beats with sheets of noise into a kind of transcendent fury”

- Pitchfork


As part of the CINEDROME collective and founder of techno/EBM fetish events such as Drag Me To Hell and Shivers, Antwerp based visual artist MATI DROME became a well-known entity in Belgium nightlife. Starting out DJ’ing at a young age, he has travelled through many layers of the dark electronic music spectrum leaving his nightclub sets strongly influenced by EBM/wave, techno and electro.


In the Dansstudio Colin programms the performance ‘The Chaos Awakening’ of ?Alos (IT). (limited capacity! first come, first serve!) 

?ALOS AKA the Muse of Chaos (queer-pagan-doom-avant-metal) is coming to present her new LP/performance/ritual ‘The Chaos Awakening’. ?Alos associates with no particular gender, rejects religion and unites music, performance, dance, political statements, feminism and anarchy in her avant-garde doom-metal performances. The satanic and musical ritual ‘The Chaos Awakening’ undermines time and place, with ?Alos transforming venues effortlessly into a dark forest and summoning the power of mysticism to give audience members the heebie-jeebies. An emotional sound journey with moans, groans and atmospheric doom. Come and embrace your inner demons.


19:15 Doors Dansstudio
19:30 ?Alos @ Dansstudio (Limited Capacity! First come = first served!)
20:00 Doors Domzaal
20:30 Olivier de Sagazan - Officiel @ Domzaal
21:00 Doors Balzaal
21:30 SKEMER @ Balzaal
22:30 FÄR @ Balzaal
23:30 Bliss Signal @ Balzaal
00:30 Afterparty with MATI DROME @ Balzaal


Sat 18.05
€15 / 12 (presale)
Combiticket with Olivier De Sagazan: €20 / 17 (presale)