Last Yearz Interesting Negro (Jamila Johnson-Small) & Rowdy SS

Everything has Roots
Women and Children First - Exercises in Awareness
31.01 14:00 - 17:00
  • Thu 31.01
    14:00 - 17:00
    Past event

Experimental research into silence and tranquility in relation to sound and movement.

Working with sound and movement, collaborators Last Yearz Interesting Negro and Rowdy SS facilitate a workshop sharing their converging practices. This workshop will be an experimental space exploring silence and stillness in relation to noise and dancing; reflecting on the dynamic potential of intimacy and boundaries - psychic, spatial and physiological - and how we might (de/re)construct realities in performance to shift our relationship to/understandings of control, entanglement and care.

Last Yearz Interesting Negro is the solo project of Jamila Johnson-Small, she makes shows, working with in-between spaces – things that exist in and through cracks in time/memory/attention – with syncopation, trance states, internal narratives, intensities, electronic music, and a love of dancing on the spot. In her performances, bodies of public and performer(s) are navigated as object, animal, human, machine, environment, energy, to build atmospheric landscapes created by the live unfolding of the tensions between things that produce meaning.

Rowdy SS is a London born and based artist. Often working at the intersection of sound/music and dance/movement alongside making videos; his works have delved into love, explored the societal implications of being, first a black boy then man and mined life to share his vision of said life. He was previously a member of Atari Teenage Riot, a Berlin based noise band and has worked with numerous artists and makers such as Lee Scratch Perry, Ron Arad, Eska and Matthew Herbert and organistaions such as Slade School of Fine Arts and Roundhouse, Camden running workshops for young people, about which he is passionate. 


For this workshop, we are looking for people who are:

  • > 16 years old
  • a duo (friends, lovers, family,...)
  • one person in the duo with interest to focus on movement/dance and one person in the duo with interests in Sound/DJing

What do you have to bring to this workshop:

  • a notebook and a pen
  • comfortable shoes
  • clothing that you feel comfortable to move freely in
  • a laptop with Virtual DJinstalled (one person in the couple focusing on sound)
  • USB with 5 sound bites/field recordings (these can be recorded with phone)


Engels gesproken / In English
Free entrance, RSVP needed